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When Preparation Meets Opportunity

On my last trip to Europe I spent a few days in picturesque Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. While walking through downtown with a friend, we were approached by a group of young people. There were a couple girls in sporting uniforms and a cameraman.

We were asked to answer a few questions about women's soccer.

To tell you the truth, I do not know that much about women's soccer! But I guessed what the program is about, popularization of a sport that is often perceived in Europe as something suitable for men-only.

I jumped at the opportunity! I am all about girl and women empowerment! I expressed my opinion that soccer should not gender discriminate. I also mentioned that in the US many women and girls play it and that it seems more socially accepted here than in other parts of the world, for now.

I was glad I was able to support the cause. I was glad I was quite comfortable answering impromptu questions on a crowded street in front of a camera.

You see, a few years ago such scenario would have been unthinkable. If approached with a camera crew in a street I would have sad, thank you, but no, thank you. I was not ready then.

It took persistence to show up in front of a camera and live audiences, time and time again, as scared and uncomfortable as I was. It took discipline to have a regular live broadcast on Social Media. Repetition is truly a mother of skill. I got used to be in front of a camera and when opportunity arose I was ready.

Have you been thinking about giving interviews about a subject you are passionate about? Have you been held back by fear? Have you thought of or even tried to record a video or two and then felt deeply uncomfortable?

I would like to encourage you to keep going. Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing through is part of a growing process.

If you are called to be a leader stepping in front of a camera and addressing your audience is a necessary in this day and age.

Here is a simple action plan for you.

1. Identify your audience. What do they need?

2. Define your strengths. How are you equipped to help others? How can you help them solve their problems?

3. Write a script and rehearse it.

4. Record your video.

5. Send me a link to your video for a quick evaluation.

Watch a video with practical advice on overcoming fear of visibility HERE.

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