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Client's love


Cathy Svitek

Certified Women's Financial Transitions Coach 

"    The other day I asked Lena to help me out with some videos. She's gotten lots of training on this and found the best natural light and backdrop. She also had good advice about the best( and not most expensive) lights and microphones. 

If you're trying to find your voice and need some help see how Lena can help you out.


Jana Moerlein

Certified Holy Yoga Instructor, Artist,

 World Traveler

“​     I love working with Lena. She is the most positive, uplifting person ever. She has helped me in my self-discovery and recognizing the validity of my dreams. 


My husband and I have been traveling and moving around to fabulous places for about 7 years since I was laid off from my corporate job. He is retired and our children are grown. I have so appreciated and loved our travels, but I started feeling that I lost myself, my roots, and my sense of purpose. 


I had so many ideas of what I could/ should do in my life, I was making myself crazy! That is when I first met Lena. Lena has helped me analyze my talents and my dreams. Every time I talk with her, I get more clarity and recognize fears and obstacles in my life and the tools to overcome them. 


I realize that coaching needs to be a repeated process in order to not lose the momentum and to reach the full benefit. Without regular re immersion in coaching, I have a tendency to go to my old patterns and stay in my comfort zone. I so appreciate her helping me find myself and my purpose again! "​

Lisa 1.jpeg



Ministry Leader

​​"​   I've spent most of my life trying to stay out of the spotlight and avoid unnecessary attention. 

I’ve struggled with fear and social anxieties that have often prevented me from using the precious gifts God has given me to serve His church. 


After recovering from a serious illness that lasted several years, 

I felt God's gentle tug that it was time to finally 'step up' and serve on the leadership team of our very large, and growing, women's bible study. 

But I was still paralyzed by the fears of the past. 


Until I met with Lena. 

She helped me overcome my anxiety and see how God could use my weakness for His glory. 

I accepted God's call and am now in a leadership position at our church, serving a group of amazing ladies."




Holistic Practitioner

​​​​    ​I'm so thankful to Lena for pulling out of me my underlying fears of success and failure. Both of those fears prohibited me from moving forward in my business. I endured months of anguish and overthinking, but wasn't able to recognize the patterns that stopped me.
In just one session Lena was able to help me identify the root fears I had, which I was not able to recognize on my own. Immediately it became clear to me what I'm supposed to do now. 
Even now I feel that I reignited my passion and regained my ability to move forward. 
I found the cause of my procrastination and I was amazed how very little I need to do to begin reaching for success I've dreamed of! It was truly amazing!
I know I need to process this information and work with a coach a little longer, but I was astounded by the outcome of the very first session. I can't wait to see what will happen in my business after I remove all the blocks I had for years without even knowing I had them. 
Now I have a plan of what to do next. 
Thank you very much!


Ellen S.

​​     I have been coached by Lena Giffoni and she really helped me gain clarity on my relationships.


She showed me how to visualize and manifest “high quality friendships” and helped me to prioritize and think differently about the connections with those around me.


I have regained happiness with my connections with others, and I am creating healthy attachments. I learned to be at peace with myself if I want to be at peace with my relationships. 


Joanna Kortik


 M.Ed, MFT 

Life Coach

​​Working with Lena Giffoni produced a cataclysmic shift in my perspective- and more so in how I FEEL about my future. She has a gift of laser sharp focus, clarity, and analysis- all wrapped in a gentle, compassionate, feminine way.

So often I find myself embedded in work that is either very “goal-oriented/ masculine” or extremely “feeling based/ feminine” and although I love both for various parts and periods of my life, Lena is an alchemist creating an experience that allowed me to SEE myself and true possibilities for my future personally and professionally. 

Lena has firmly awakened my vision to deep loving healthy relationships, economic empowerment and financial and professional freedom- with an evolving plan. My coaching business has grown exponentially. Working with Lena continues to be one the best investments in myself.

Lena's teaching style is so beautiful and easy to follow. She is living proof of the power of setting intentions, creating a vision board and having those "desires" come to life.

Thank you Lena for helping me create my vision board. I am so happy and excited with it and smile from the inside out as I sit with it in meditation daily trusting that was I desire is already on it's way. 2018 is going to be legendary.

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