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A few of my favorite things

Here you can download some free resources,

order a copy of my book

or a few of my favorite pieces of equipment for DIY video and audio recording.


Return to Joyful Living is a candid story of a woman stopped in her tracks by severe anxiety and panic attacks, a condition that affects millions of people worldwide.

Her compelling, personal story chronicles the struggles from questioning her Creator to making transformational breakthroughs to overcoming her personal challenges and a Return to Joyful Living.

Readers witness her journey from hopeless and fearful to hopeful and empowered— a journey that anyone can follow to reach confidence and empowerment.

Becoming Visible:Tools and Strategies to Use Technology to Influence People and Attract Clients

Purchase a CD of Lena Giffoni's presentation 

Becoming Visible:Tools and Strategies to Use Technology

to Influence People and Attract Clients

 Presented at the American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference , Nashville, TN, 2019

Lena Giffoni speaking at AACC.JPG

Practicing video recording yourself will help you to get comfortable in front of a camera.

You can also improve your public speaking skills by recording and reviewing your videos.

 What you need is a plan, consistency and some user-friendly equipment for beginners.

I spent endless hours comparing and selecting different pieces of equipment and now would like to make a few suggestions, based on experience.

I like this lapel microphone with a long extension cord.

Record your FaceBook lives hands-free with this stylish adjustable cellphone stand

I like elegant design as well as functionality of these headphones.

Lightweight rechargeable 

light. Easy to carry around and clip on your cellphone.

My new favorite portable tripod/selfie stick. 

Click on the box to see it

I like this dual lapel microphone to record interviews.

A long extension cord is a definite plus

Tripod adapter for your cellphone

Lightweight tripod

This is only one of numerous options for photography backdrops you will find, but it happens to be my favorite

These clips will help to attach the backdrop to the stand

This ring gives you the quality of light without the hustle of assembling and disassembling numerous pieces of lighting equipment

This studio kit requires extra time to assemble and disassemble, but the results are worth it

I am an affiliate partner with Amazon. 

It means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. 

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