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Christian Life Coach 


All your life you were a strong, successful achiever, having created a life envied by many... then something happened...

You faced obstacles before, but now it is different. You are in the unfamiliar territory. You feel stuck ant it is a very uncomfortable feeling for you. Life is not that exciting anymore.

You want to move forward and experience life to the fullest, but how to do it?

You want to gain clarity on what to do next and once again feel empowered and unstoppable.

Your biggest challenge nowadays are worry, anxiety, stress and overthinking. You do things out of habit and without much joy.

You're also tired. You want to make changes, but not sure exactly what to do.


Your inner critic is telling you you should be doing more, you were created for more. 

Life seems confusing and overwhelming. So you procrastinate and it frustrates you.

When you gain clarity on what to do next
you will feel empowered and unstoppable.

Let me help you gain clarity on what to do next.

I will teach you simple steps to gain control of your thoughts and emotions.

I will help you overcome procrastination and provide guidance and accountability.

I will equip you with tools to overcome frustration, doubt, worry and overthinking.

You will have someone to talk to about true challenges of being a leader. You need a trusted confidant who understands what you are really going through and who can help you to strategize and brainstorm. You need someone to help you overcome challenges you are facing and to truly recognize what it takes to do what you do. 

How would it feel if these needs were met? 

I would love to become your coach and mentor and guide you to clarity and empowerment. 

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Joanna Kortik, M.Ed, MFT

Viena, Austria

"​Working with Lena Giffoni produced a cataclysmic shift in my perspective- and more so in how I FEEL about my future. She has a gift of laser sharp focus, clarity, and analysis- all wrapped in a gentle, compassionate, feminine way."


Cathy Svitek,

Certified Women's Financial Transitions Coach 

"If you're trying to find your voice and need some help see how Lena can help you out.

She's gotten lots of training on this and found the best natural light and backdrop. She also had good advice about the best (and not most expensive) lights and microphones." 

Lisa 2.jpeg

Lisa, Ministry Leader

I've spent most of my life trying to stay out of the spotlight and avoid unnecessary attention. 

I’ve struggled with fear and social anxieties that have often prevented me from using the precious gifts God has given me to serve His church. 


Until I met with Lena. 

She helped me overcome my anxiety and see how God could use my weakness for His glory. 

Gain clarity, create a plan, overcome procrastination and move forward

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